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The REALLY Big Deal!
(Take a look at each of the websites individually to confirm how great a deal this really is!)

If you've found this page, you already know that I provide content beyond compare. I won't waste your time with a long sales letter (of course you can follow the links to the sales copy for each component of the "Really Big Deal" if you need some convincing), let's cut to the chase. Here is my "REALLY BIG DEAL"!

Info-Products Bootcamp CD's

  $497 Value

Seminar on Seminars CD's

  $497 Value

Publishing Seminar

  $197 Value

Publicity Bootcamp CD's

  $497 Value


Total Cost if purchased separately....



"The Big Deal" Package A: Complete CD's from the Info-Products Bootcamp and the Seminar on Seminars

Click Here to order "The Big Deal" Package A

 ONLY $777.00


Package B "The REALLY BIG DEAL: You Get EVERYTHING listed, "the Whole Enchilada" for

Click Here to order "THE REALLY BIG DEAL"

 ONLY $997.00


I promise that there is no fluff, you'll find every part of "The Really Big Deal" to be packed with content. They don't call me the KING OF CONTENT for nuthin...

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Fred Gleeck


PS EVERYTHING we sell comes with a no B.S, money back, lifetime guarantee. If you're not happy, SEND IT BACK!



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